New Mosaic Ranges


At Latino Ceramics we are currently on the look out for new styles, products and tiles to keep up with the times. So we proudly bring to you our brand new range of new Mosaic.IMG-20170218-WA0001IMG-20170218-WA0004

Our new ranges of mosaic all come on 30 x30 sheets and create an absolute perfect finish to any tile in either a hallway, bathroom or kitchen.

Cutting mosaic tile sheets

Part of the beauty of mosaic tiles is the fact that there is less cutting involved in comparison to using large scale tiles. Sometimes, however, cuts to the mosaic tile sheets do need to be made; when cutting mosaic tile sheets, you should always either cut from the back through the mesh with a utility knife or from the top down with scissors, but be aware that using scissors does not give such a clean cut.

As much as possible, try to avoid cutting the tiles themselves, as this is not easy to do, and could scupper a professional finish. If you do need to cut the tiles themselves, as a professional tradesperson it is always best to invest in the best possible rail cutter or tile nibbler that you can afford, as this is what will help you to keep your work looking professional.


Who made the first mosaic?

In antiquity, mosaics first were made of uncut pebbles of uniform size. The Greeks, who elevated the pebble mosaic to an art of great refinement, also invented the so-called tessera technique.

How is a mosaic made?

Mosaic is the art of decorating a surface with pictures and patterns made of little pieces of stone, glass or tiles of different colours. Mosaics can be used indoors on walls, floors and ceilings. Mosaics are sometimes used outdoors on pavements.
Our new Mosaic ranges are available in store. 



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