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Once you have decided to invest in some beautiful tiles for your home then it’s good to know that your new tiles are protected. We stock the best ranges of Lithofin that give the extra level of protection for your tiles from marks and stains. There is a full range of products to protect, clean and maintain your tiles be they ceramic, porcelain, artifical or natural – Lithofin have a product that will do the job.


Description -A special, ready-to-use product for marble, natural and artificial stone.

Lithofin MN Stain-Stop contains silicones and hardeners that repel water and oil effectively.

Lithofin MN Stain-Stop penetrates into the surface and forms a thin, invisible film in the capillaries. This stops oils from penetrating the surface for about 6-24 hours for marble and granite and up to 8 days for limestone. Within this time, it is possible to wipe away oils without leaving stains. The effect depends on the absorbed quantity of the product. Using the MN Stain-Stop does not usually affect the appearance of the stone, however, some intensification of colour may occur in darker stone types. It is UVresistant (yellowing of stone will not occur) and dries without leaving a sticky residue. The active ingredients pose no health hazard after drying

Please note:
With polished marble, red wine, ketchup or cola can cause etching. Never allow Lithofin MN Stain-Stop to dry on the surface, as it is not easily removed. Only to be used on absorbent and dry surfaces. Glass, ceramics and surfaces sensitive to solvents must be protected. A test area is advised before full treatment.

Directions for use:
The stone surfaces to be treated must be clean and dry. On an absorbent surface, apply generously and evenly with a brush or lambs wool roller. On less absorbent surfaces apply with a brush or cloth. Within 30-40 minutes, treat the surface again to permit the impregnator to be absorbed. Then after 30 minutes remove any residue completely using a cloth. Over large surfaces, draw off excess material using a window rubber and polish using a using a Numatic scrubbing machine with a 3M polishing pad.

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