Exeter Stone Tiles Latino Ceramics

Exeter Stone tiles at Latino Ceramics in Guiseley!

One day’s roasting and the next it’s raining Cats & Dogs,

Aint England great! Well we feel we weathered the storms, heat and all the in between rather well. We’ve sweat, we’ve been wet and now we’re ready to continue with our outlook on the tiling world. So as normal let me begin by telling you about the tiles i’m about to introduce. This tile is a timeless classic here at Latino Ceramics. It’s been with us a while and is still a fan favourite. That’s right we have fans! Honestly, we do. Some call it air conditioning but we call it a large fan. Not funny? No? It made me chuckle 😀 Let me introduce to you the Exeter Stone tiles here at Latino Ceramics in Guiseley.

Exeter Stone tiles at Latino Ceramics

Exeter Stone Tiles Latino Ceramics

The Exeter Stone tiles from Latino Ceramics will transform your rooms and outdoor spaces into the focal point of your home. They will give off an authentic look. This is because they’re crafted from the finest materials. They’ll happily withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life and stand the test of time.

Exeter Stone Tiles Latino Ceramics

The Exeter Stone tiles will match with all accessories. The Exeter Stone tiles can compliment modern living spaces, this could mean you can add colourful picture frames, cushions or rugs – just a taste of colour to add definition and warmth.

Exeter Stone Tiles Latino Ceramics

If you wish for any information on our Exeter Stone or help please come in to our shop in Guiseley, Leeds. We will then give you any advice you require or drop us an email at Info@latinoceramics.co.uk or a call on 01943 884546.

Exeter Stone tiles Latino Ceramics

We are open to the public and trade Monday to Friday 8.00-17.00. If you give us notice we are happy to extend our opening hours, and on a Saturday 09.00-16.00.

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